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BG Fashion is all about being sexy at all times, therefore knowing about trending lingeries is the first step. Lingeries are worn on a daily basis, therefore, they should be treated as fashion items. Therefore we suggest you pay attention to the hottest new trends in lingerie.

  • Peekaboo – Peekaboo also known as Crotchless lingerie are really popular. Besides being fun to own, they add a sexy dirty image to your presence. In addition, crotchless lingeries allow easy and quick access. Sometimes it is not necessary to slip your knickers to the side when the access is there to let your partner be creative and do what he/she is ought to do.
  • Take some time and explore our collection of sexy and fetish style sections.

Tattoo Print – You will never want to be categorised as boring. Therefore, it is always good to add some “tattoo-effect” lingerie to your collection. It’s always good to leave just enough to the imagination.