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Corsets & Bustiers

We all should have, both a Corset & Bustiers in our wardrobe. Although they have a very similar function, they slight difference. The simplest way to describe is that the corset tightens your waist and the bustier, enhance your breast. Thus, you can say that the bustier is a fancy bra-plus-shapewear combo that smooths the midsection and uplifts breasts. Additionally, Bustiers often use a hook and eye closure like on a bra and only have laces for appearances, if at all.

Types of corsets:

  1. Hourglass corset
  2. Pipe Stem
  3. Wasp design
  4. S Curve
  5. Ribbon
  6. Corselette
  7. Corset Belt
  8. Front Laced / Front and Back Laced
  9. Over the bust
  10. Under bust
  11. Mid bust
  12. Waspie
  13. Guepiere
  14. Elisabethan Corset
  15. Victorian – Although being deemed as umcortable, they are very popular nowadays. They have a curved bustline with a classic hourglass waist profile and went over bust. Additionally, the neckline could be a sweetheart-shaped or a pointed one.
  16. Edwardian Style

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