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Babydolls is a type of underwear/lingerie. This lingerie design or style resembles empire-waist style dresses. Thus, their length is from the neck to the waist. / hips. Additionally, most Babydolls are loose and made of light or transparent fabrics. Most wanted and trendy are made of silk, nylon and chiffon.

These modern and sexy nightgowns are seen as fetish items although they were created as sleepwear. Babydolls, are short, therefore they leave the legs bare. Some more provocative styles expose your breast. Other models are crotchless. Most of the times, they come as part of a matching set.

Babydolls’ concepts have changed from retro to a more contemporary look. Initially, they were created as underwear. However with the addition of fitted designs, bra cups. As well as providing support for the breasts, bra cups also helps create cleavage.