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Role Play Costumes are part of the erotic fetishes and games! 

Role-play costumes spice up any relationship or erotic encounter. However, you will need to fill the caracter boots and perform accordingly. Add extra  passion and intention and you will have an amazing and enjoy more. Additionally, your partner will love and appreciate the moment. Thus, sometimes is good to let our imagination loose. 

With that in mind, BG -Fashion is always trying to find new characters and and role-pay costumes to suit your fetiches, wishes and erotic dreams. Check our collection or costumes. 

Most wanted Role-play Costumes at BG Fashion:

  • Nurse
  • Office Secretary
  • Gladiator
  • School or University Teacher
  • Cat, Panther or Dog (Animals)
  • Playboy Bunny 
  • Fire fighter
  • Chef
  • Princess 
  • Super héros 
  • Much More……

To complete the scenario, we always advise you to add some BDSM restrain gears or accessories to complement your role play costume. Feel the moment and make as real as possible. We believe that  (your) partner will love to live the reality that you will create.