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Lotions and Oils – Erotic Solutions.

Lotions and Oils are trending. To have the perfect sensual and erotic experience, try to explore and entice all your and your partner senses.  Therefore, the visual, touch, sound and the smell should be seen as one. For example,  oils, candles, perfumes combined with your sexy lingerie and the right music is a blistering experience.  Additionally, for romantic encounters, the smell of the bed cloths should make your partner engage is some sort of transe. Thus your partner will always associate the smell with the erotic and romantic experience offered by you.

Equally important is the smell of your skin. You need to add to your collection some erotic lotions, moisturisers and oils. These skin lotions and oils, makes you desirable. The environment must also have an exotic smell. In addition, you can always add, candles or melts. 

Spoils yourserlf with a really nice shampoo and erotic shower gell. You kin will be glossy, smelly and desirable. Before dressing the sexy and erotic lingerie, add a little erotic or moisturizing oil to your skin. This ritual will set your spirit and mood for an encounter in which you will be irresistible.

Do not forget, certain fragrances set romantic and erotic mood.

Trending erotic oils and moisturisers:

  • Kamasutra Massage Oil Naturals Strawberry Divine
  • Body Kiss Flavored Edible Massage Cream, Strawberry, by KinkLab
  • Earthly Body Miracle Oil (Soothing Formula)