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Be bold and trust your instincts. You will find that you are irresistible. Everything is a matter of attitude.

BG Fashion is an Online Store is composed of fashion and lingerie experts. Our work is focused on finding stylish designs that would make you irresistible. In other words, we are looking into comfortable lingeries that enhance your body shape. In addition to quality and design, we also treasure the right price.

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We follow the latest trend in Lingerie and Accessories industry!

Our work is developed in two distinct spheres. The first is the sphere of the producer or creative mind and the second the sphere of the customer. For us, they are equally important, therefore, we find balance when there’s a flow of information and interest in both ways. That is creatives finding their clients niche and clients finding what they are looking for. Therefore, we are always looking into creative and trendy minds who work hard to bring new products. As well as the customer or final consumer passionate about lingeries and wanting to express their presence, fetishes and sensuality through them.

You are Important to Us!

It should be noted that we are talking to a specific audience. Our platform/website is addressing adult people wanting to create or complete or add new items to their personalised lingerie wardrobe. Consequently, you are important to us. Besides your thoughts, wishes and fetishes, we really want to understand if our products are getting you where you want to go, feel or do.

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We are focused on bringing you quality materials and exclusive designs!

We have a twin website РExclusive.Bg-Fashion focused on top designer creations. Thus, you will find brands such as Gucci, Prada, Valentino, Balmain, Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton among others. Therefore take some time and check our handbags, wallets, scarves, shoes, boots among other articles. 

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  • Handbags
  • Clothing
  • Accessories

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What’s happening in the erotic and sensual world. What are people planning to do to surprise their partners or sexual encounters? Follow the latest stories and experiences from some of our correspondents and erotic counsellors.